Fusion - Airdropping Options

Unlock your biggest asset, without diluting your token.

Fusion enables protocols to airdrop call options* instead of tokens, giving you a source or revenue, discouraging farmers, and giving your community more flexibility for how they can contribute.
*Call options, are the right to buy your token at a fixed price by a certain date.

Fusion is great for…

Kickstarting your treasury

Use Fusion calls to sell tokens to the community at a discount. Community members exercise their options at a strike price you set, generating revenue for your treasury at launch. You don’t need liquidity for your token in order to airdrop call options.

Incentivize liquidity mining / staking

Boosting and incentivizing liquidity pools with token rewards only last so long and attract farmers. Options rewards on LP pools align rewards between the token and the treasury. Feel free to mix these in with your existing rewards or replace them all together.

Reward for contributions

Similar to options granted to employees, Fusions calls can be granted to individual contributors at any scale. Use this as a more compliant way to reward your contributors.

Protect your token from dumpers

Many airdrops create a drastic frenzy for farmers to game the system and extract every once of value. With the added friction of exercising contracts, it deters farmers from dumping your tokens and creates a price floor for your token since options can’t be executed if the token is below the strike price.

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