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What to Test

Thank you for being part of the PsyOptions beta testing!

We're excited to share what we've built thus far and look forward to the community feedback going forward. As testing continues, here are some types of feedback we'd love to hear.

Things to do!#

The basics#

  1. Write a Covered CALL
  2. Write a Cash Secured PUT
  3. Buy a contract from the orderbook
  4. Exercise a contract
  5. Write a covered contract and then close out your position early


  1. Create a new option market
  2. Initialize a Serum market for a new option market

Feedback to consider#

User Interface/User Experience#

  • Was navigating the site self explanatory?
  • Any areas of improvement for trading options?
  • Any areas of improvement for initializing option markets?
  • Is it clear how to exercise or close positions?


  • Does buying an option get reflected in your wallet?
  • Are you able to mint and sell options?
  • Are you able to exercise or close positions from the Open Positions page?

New features#

What sort of features would you like to see after experiencing the product?

How to provide feedback#