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Fonts and Styles

The PsyOptions community has proven to be passionate in displaying their design skills by creating PsyOptions themed designs, and to help cater to this process we have decided to fill this design page with all the necessary items needed to take these community designs to the next level. Below you will find SVG files of our different logos, and the multiple fonts we use throughout the product.

PsyOptions Logo#

We have a few different logo variations that can be used in your design process. The primary one which you all know and love, and a secondary one that appears on the front page of our website.

PsyOps Secondary

PsyOptions Colors#

The following hexadecimal color codes are the official PsyOptions colors. colors

PsyOptions Fonts#

For our headers, we use the Goldman font in all caps. We also use this font for our logo with the proper capitalization being “PsyOptions”.


For everything outside of our headers, we use the Manrope font with a font weight of 500. This font could also be used for headers with the font weight being 700 or 800, however, this font should not be used for the logo text.