PsyVaults - Vaults Product

Solana's Automated Option Strategy Vaults

What is PsyVaults?

‌PsyVaults is a suite of option strategy vaults aimed at generating sustainable yield for single token assets for our users. The goal is to create the best non-inflationary yields on the Solana Ecosystem. Our long term vision is to offer a variety of sustainable yield products for all risk appetites through options strategies and derivatives to the Solana ecosystem.
Our initial products include:
  • Covered Call Selling Vaults
  • Secured Put Selling Vaults
  • Market Making Vaults (designed to be near delta neutral)

Why PsyVaults?

Sustainable Yield: PsyFi will generate sustainable yield from single token assets. Instead of just HODLing, put your assets to work by generating yield through automated options strategies.
Save Time: PsyFi saves users time by automating the options creation, sale, and compounding to generate the maximal returns.
Security: We've built the platform from the ground up with security in mind to ensure safety of user's assets and have been audited by Kudelski.