PsyFi DAO Contributor Support

If you are looking for support within the community from our contributors on NON PsyFi DAO products, consider making a donation to the PsyFi DAO Treasury to receive additional support!
Our contributors will be extremely motivated to help those that show a commitment to our community by showing Proof of Donation (PoD) to the PsyFi DAO treasury.
You may send $PSY, $SOL or $USDC Tokens as a form of donation! Once donation is confirmed, our contributors will reach out to discuss your needs.
Requests that DO NOT require donations are as follows:
  1. 1.
    Questions or support requests for a Mainnet PsyFi DAO product that community moderators cannot answer
  2. 2.
    The person/team has articulated to a non-dev contributor clearly what they are trying to build and how it drives value to the PsyFi DAO
Level 1: ~$50 in accepted tokens
  • Non-dev support, 15 minutes call support
Level 2: ~$100 in accepted tokens
  • Developer tech support, 30 Minute call support
Send Donations to the PsyFi DAO Treasury Wallet:
  • Treasury $PSY Wallet Address: 2v6gYajLxSd2xdfRMz8LCUJrc79Z26PTGmVzqLA5g6KW
  • Treasury $SOL Wallet Address: CyDnoEMVuf21v23bxoS2wXxPdCvRR2yFLfymegMH1WY4
  • Treasury $USDC Wallet Address: EfNdRWbRU6NpNd3KZq85PDsdTdsp1SBiG1S6Pebo9yA2