PsyFi Documentation

Weekly Bidding on V2 Vaults

PsyFi's V2 vault architecture runs its bids on OpenBook'ss order books. That means anyone can bid on the options sold by the vaults alongside the existing market makers. Below is a handy guide on how you can bid on any V2 vaults option flow.
#1: Friday, 09:00 UTC - Open Link to the Vault Order Book at
All vaults that are selling options will be available from a single page when bidding is announced. Generally, bidding starts at 09:00 UTC each Friday, but this time is subject to change. Any changes will be announced on our Twitter and in Discord.​
#2: Friday, 09:00 - 09:30 UTC - Select a Vault Auction and Place Your Bids
Time left to bid is shown on the upper left side of the page. Enter your bid price in USDC (A) and how many contracts you wish to purchase (B). All pertinent information of the options will be displayed on the UI (C).
#3: Friday, after 09:30 UTC - Settle Purchased Options
Approximately 30 minutes after the auctions starts, the Vault will sell through the order book. If your order has been filled, it will appear in Winning Bids/ Unsettled Funds (A).
#4: Friday, after 09:30 UTC - Cancel Open Orders for Unfilled Bids
If none of your bids win, or if you wish to cancel your existing orders, you may do so by clicking “cancel” under Open Orders (A).
#5: Friday+7D 08:00 UTC - Exercise Your Purchased Options if "In-The-Money"
If your purchased options expire in the money. Visit to claim your P&L.